Benefits To Start Eyelash Extension Service

Individual eyelash extensions have become one of the fastest growing treatment worldwide.

Why is this so?

* Adding them to your natural lashes, for instance, can make them look longer and thicker while keeping its natural feel. Thicker lashes give your eyes a fuller and fresher appearance as if they look bigger, thus making your eyes more appealing.

* Everyone can enjoy eyelash extensions regardless of profession as lash design can range from natural to glamorous, by choosing different extension length, curl and thickness.

*With lash extensions, you can save time for make up as you do not need to curl and apply mascara on your lashes. Some people even skip the eyeliner as some extensions designs can give the eyeliner effect.

Benefits To Start Eyelash Extension Service

*Small Space – Can start service with small space

*Materials are compact – Easy to carry for home visiting service

*Fast service duration – Experienced eyelist only needs 1 hour to 1.5 hour per customer

 Why proper training is required?

*As eyelash extensions is becoming more popular rapidly, there are many troubles associated with the service by unexperienced eyelist or eyelist without proper knowledge/training.

* Our eye area is very sensitive, therefore every extension service should be done very carefully using carefully selected materials.

* Untrained eyelist may use methods that might cause eyes allergy or hurt the eyes. Therefore proper training enquips you with the knowledge and technique to do extensions safely and professionally.


Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Extension Academy

*Lesson are conducted following Japanese method which is safe and natural looking.

*We use high quality salon grade material; safe glue and sable extensions that are soft and light.

*Small group lesson so instructor-sensei can observe and follow up closely on each student.

*Theory coverage on allergy, sanitation, products and ingredients, extension technique and consultation technique.

Professional Eyelash Extension Course detail