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CERTIFIED SCHOOL_eyelash Professional Eyelash Extension Course
Japan-Asia Nails & Eye Beauty Association Certified School
日本-アジア ネイル&アイ美容協会 認定校

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Why learn Eyelash Extension ?      

Individual Eyelash extensions have become the a fastest growing treatment worldwide.

Learn the techniques to provide professional eyelash extensions so that you can start your own eyelash extension business or add eyelash extension services to your treatment menu.photo

As the eye area is very sensitive, proper training , product knowledge and sanitation control are required to avoid any trouble.

Our Eyelash Extension courses follows Japanese standard.

You can learn safe and harmless lash extension technic, product knowledge to choose safe products and sanitation control to avoid infection.


Benefits To Start Eyelash Extension Service

Academy: We are the choice academy to train professional educators from ITE


5 Tips for Effecient Learning

◆Small Class Size◆

Learn & Improve Quickly
Teacher-Sensei can observe and follow up closely on each student, spot the cause of wrong technique used and give correction advice on the spot. Therefore, students can learn and improve quickly in small class size. Our class is maximum 6 students.
It is one of the key of that every students can learn in fastest way.

◆Individual Progress Record◆

Learning should be fun, not pressured!

We believe learning should be an enjoyable process and students individual progressbenefit most when they learn at their comfortable pace. Peer pressure from group classes stresses students out, does not benefit learning and causes many to stop learning. Everyone has different learning styles and differs at speed, excel areas and improvement areas. Therefore, our customised and flexible learning system is able to maximise learning efficiency.

◆Free Attending System◆

Choose your timetable!

Offering more flexibility from a fixed schedule system, our students can choose to take lessons when they are available. If you are unable to make it for a class, you will not lose the session or miss a lesson. Therefore you are able to learn continuously when you attend your next class.

◆Salon Quality Materials◆ 

Safe and High Quality Student Kit from Japan
All learning materials given in your kit are of salon quality. It is important to practice with good materials to learn professional and practical skills effectively. The experience will also enable you to choose good quality products after you become a professional. Students and graduates will also enjoy students price for materials!


Sumire Obara

from Devonshire
Instructor (Practical)


Lim Mei Ting

Instructor (Theory)



Courses  img_0423

Course available in English, Chinese and Japanese

Trial Class   1 hour  $30
 Short trial session who wants to TRY before start learning  


●Beginner 9 Hours
Basic technic and knowledge
初级- 基本手艺和知识

About eyelash extensions  关于睫毛延伸
Equipment and tools, types of eyelashes  设备和工具
About glues and allergy
Preparation and setting of the work area 工作区的制备和设定
Eye desease and Salon hygine 沙龙卫生
How to conduct consultation
Achieving a desired look
Taping work  胶带的工作
Practical – Application ( J curl) and removal 实习 – 运用和拆除 (J卷曲)
Course Fee $480 , Material  Fee $290 < Professional Starter kit >

●Intermediate 6 Hours
For complete basic knowledge of aspiring eyelash specialist
C and SC curl application, repair, basic design
Course Fee  $480,  Material  Fee $50 < Professional kit >

★Eyelash extensions are able to complete about 100- 150 customer with starter kit and intermediate kit

●Advanced 8 Hours
For total skills and knowledge of a professional eyelash specialist
Salon work set up, Consultation & Style Memo, Speed practice, Design Practice, Customer Roleplay
Course Fee  $580 ,  no material fee (please bring your starter kit and intermidiate kit)

●VolumeLash Course 9 Hours  —For Professional Eye Specialists Only
Learn the secret of the latest and most popular Japanese volume eyelash extension technique!
Basic Module:
●Volume Extensions Theory (Advantages of volume lash,Variety of volume lash, How to repair)
●Volume Extensions Fan Practice (2D & 3D)
●Mannequin Application Practice

Advanced Module:
●Volume Extensions Model Application (2D & 3D)
●Volume Extensions Fan Practice (4D, 5D & 6D)
●Mannequin Application Practice (6D)

Course Fee Basic & Advanced  $680 (material included)

Material and exam fee (if any ) all included !
Good to start business !





◆Double Certificate Master Course 29 Hours
You can receive certificates from both Tokyo Academy and JANEA*!
Become a industry recognized Professional Eyelash Specialist with Pro Master Course and JANEA Eyelash Extension Intermediate Certificate. For your peace of mind, we offer unlimited follow up lesson for 3rd and 2nd Grade JANEA Exam.
*JANEA Certificate is only issued after exam is passed.

-JANEA(Japan-Asia Nails & Eyelash Extension Association)
Eyelash Extension 3rd grade Ceritificate Exam
-JANEA Eyelash Extension 2nd grade Ceritificate Exam
-JANEA Eyelash Extension Salon hygiene manager Certificate
-Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Academy  Eyelash Extension Advanced Certificate
-JANEA Certificate exam preparation course included
– unlimited follow up lesson for 3rd and 2nd Grade JANEA Exam
$2220      (Material & Exam fee Included)

◆Pro Master Course   23 hours
-Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Academy  Eyelash Extension Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced Module.
$1780   (Material fees Included)

◆Double Certificate Junior Course 21 hours
-JANEA(Japan-Asia Nails & Eyelash Extension Association)
Eyelash Extension 3rd grade Ceritificate
-JANEA Eyelash Extension 2nd grade Ceritificate
-JANEA Eyelash Extension Salon hygiene manager Certificate
-Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Academy  Eyelash Extension Intermediate Certificate
-JANEA Certificate exam preparation course included
$1660     (Material & Exam fee Included)

Junior Course 15 hours
-Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Academy  Eyelash Extension Beginner , and Intermediate Module.
$1180    (Material  fees Included)

■■Professional Kit■■
Salon quality safe products and tools  from Japan are included in Course fee
You can start learning immediately!

Double Certificate Master Course Kit

◆Beginner Starter Kit
・ Sable lashes J curl (Sheet type)  ・Glue for beginner  ・Primer
・Cream Remover  ・Tweezer ×2        ・Scissors
・Medical Tape ×2  type
・Glue plate(Jade) ×2     ・Lash Screw brush     Blower
・Mannequin   ・Cotton& Cotton buds   ・Theory Text

◆Intermediate Kit
・Sable lashes C curl and SC Curl (Sheet type)   ・Gel Remover
・Micro stick ・Baby cotton buds

* Eyelash extensions are able to complete about 100- 150 customer with starter kit and intermediate kit

★初学者套件 -日本进口沙龙品质★
紫貂睫毛 (J卷曲), 日本制造初学者胶, 胶卸妆, 镊× 2, 胶带, 胶板(玉),
睫毛梳, 鼓风机, 模特

◆Upgrade Lesson for experienced People   3 hours
-Our Japanese instructor will analyse and directly instruct you on the issues you want to solve or improve. The small group size allows for quick solutions and improvement.
*Applicable for experience eye specialists only as we will not be teaching  any basics in this session. This is strictly for specialists who has basic experience and would like to upgrade their skills.
$160    (Bring your own material)

Registration Fee   $80   (only one time)
Private Lesson  can be arranged at $20 / hour

Class Schedule   will be held with minimum 2 students ,  limited seats

Japanese Eyeash Extensions ONLINE Course
Learn Japanese technique at anytime, anywhere


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tel /SMS   +65 9116 8356
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