Japan-Asia Nails & Eye Beauty Association Certified Academy
日本-アジア ネイル&アイ美容協会 認定

Behind the brand

Peony Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Academy is founded in 2010 by Ms Rika Hirasawa to teach Japanese Nail Techniques in Singapore. In 2015, the academy started to teach Japan latest and safe Eyelash Extension Techniques.

Students Profile

Students are from Singapore, Japan and other countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and range from beginners to experienced manicurists. Graduates have started to work in nail salons, started own business or opened own home salon. If you want to learn Japanese high standards of nail techniques, customer service and salon hygiene, there is no need to fly to Japan, you can start learning with us at Tanjong Pagar immediately!

Nail Course

Always interested in doing nails? Do you have a passion for nails, nail art or beautifying your nails?
With the guidance and support from our certified instructors, you are able to start your own business and become a professional in less than 6 months* !

*Courses hours varies depending on which courses you enrolled in.

Eyelash Course

Always wonder what is the difference with Japanese style eyelash extensions? Do you have a interest with regards to eyelash extensions or creating a individual style to suit different eyes?
With the guidance and support from our certified instructors, you will be well equipped with the knowledge of Japanese eyelash extensions and become a professional beautician!

Class Schedule

Students’ Works

Graduate Students


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Peony Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Academy