5 Reasons
Peony Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Academy graduates have
High Skills and are Work-Ready

5 Tips for Efficient Learning

Small Class Size -Learn & Improve Quickly-

Teacher “Sensei” can observe and follow up closely on each student, spot the cause of wrong technique used and give correction advice on the spot. Most of the time, it is due to simple reasons, such as brush pressure and angle etc. Therefore, students can learn and improve quickly in small class size. Our class capacity is maximum 6 students.
It is one of the key of that every students can learn in fastest way.

Individual Progress –Learning should be fun, not pressure!-

We believe learning should be an enjoyable process and students benefit most when they learn at their comfortable pace. Peer pressure from group classes stresses students out, does not benefit learning and causes many to stop learning. Everyone has different learning styles and differs at speed, excel areas and improvement areas. Therefore, our customized and flexible learning system is able to maximize learning efficiency.

Free Attending System -Choose your timetable!-

Offering more flexibility from a fixed schedule system, our students can choose to take lessons when they are available. If you are unable to make it for a class, you will not lose the session or miss a lesson. Therefore you are able to learn continuously when you attend your next class.

Japanese Curriculum -Professional & Qualified Education-

Students will learn required skills and knowledge for both practical techniques required in salon work and to pass JANEA and JNA exams. Our instructors are equipped with abundant salon work experience and will teach practical techniques used in salon work. For success of JANEA / JNA/ JNEC exams, official judge of JANEA / JNA will support learning.

Salon Quality Materials –High Quality Student Kit-

All learning materials given in your kit are of salon quality. It is important to practice with good materials to learn professional and practical skills effectively. The experience will also enable you to choose good quality products after you become a professional. Students will also receive latest updates on product information from Japan.



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