Academy: E-Learning JANEA Salon Hygiene Manager Certification Seminar

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Salon Hygiene Manager Certification ONLINE Seminar
For Nails / Eyelash Extension Salon

Recommended for all professionals works in salons and customer who want to choose correct nail / eyelash salon.

Very useful knowledge for your daily life, too ❣️

📝In this seminar, you will learn:
●How to choose the right facility & equipment
●Hygiene Management Roles
●Proper Disinfection & Hygiene of tools and towels
●Knowledge of Infection, Irritation & Allergy
●How to protect yourself as a nail / eyelash extension specialist
●Customer’s Consultation & Agreement, etc …

Seminar Fee
❣️ONLINE special fee❣️
(includes seminar notes, certificate & badge)
For Nails S$120 →→Online S$60❗️
For Eyelash S$96  →→Online S$50❗️
Payment by bank transfer or Paypal

“Good lesson and knowledge given. Hope this can reach out to more nailists out there. “
 Joanna Lee from Princess’s Cottage

“This course benefits me a lot, as to how to handle the different states of customers’ nails so that we can provide them with accurate advise.”
 Chevonne Yang from Princess’s Cottage

“Appreciate teacher’s patience in explaining and letting me understand a lot of nails knowledge. There are so many things that I do not know last time. Thank you!”
Yaw Boon Teang from Pretticare

“Attended Salon Hygiene Manager Seminar at Tokyo Nails and Eyelash Academy. Ms Pearl and Rika Sensei are very helpful! I enjoyed the course a lot!”
 Sanice Chin

“Very well explained with great examples. Good Experience! Easy to understand and all queries have been answered. Very worth it! Teacher was very friendly and helpful. Thank You! ”
 Keshika Kumar from Kimaya Artistry

Seminar Schedule

Nails: 2 hours
27 Mon April 11am-1pm
28 Tue April 1pm-3pm
30 Thu April 11am – 1pm
9 Sat May 11am – 1pm
13 Wed May 11am – 1pm

Eyelash: 1.5 hours
28 Tue Apr 11am-12:30pm
9 Sat May 130pm – 3pm
14 May 11am – 1230pm

In English / Chinese
For sign up / enquiries
+65 83183721

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