Salon Owner Story : Career Change from Cabin Crew

Ms Jasmine Yong

Owner of Blush Nails & Lashes

Double Certificate Nail Master Course Graduate Of Tokyo Nails and Eyelash Academy


Previously working miles high in the air as a Singapore Airline Cabin Crew, Ms Jasmine has switched to being a beauty salon owner after completing her Double Certificate Nail Master Course with Tokyo Nails and Eyelash Academy in Oct 2018.

Principal Rika visited her salon and interviewed her:

What did make you to decide to open your own salon?

I wanted to try something new and different.

How long did it take you to decide to start your business?

Before I start learning nails, I thought of doing a homebased salon. However, my husband encouraged me to open a salon as it is easier to get customers.
I will also be able to learn from my staffs who are experienced and gain experience about being a business owner.
If I were to do a homebased salon, I will have to wait for customers to make appointment and will have to do everything by myself. Therefore, since I started my nail course, it took me about 4 months to decide and open my own nail and lash salon.

Did everything go smoothly?

As I did a takeover salon with existing staff, I did not need to find new staff but will have to transfer their work permit.
As I have no prior experience, I had to check all relevant government agencies such as MOM, CPF etc. It was stressful.

Renovation was relatively simple, it took only one week.
It is the administrative portions that took more time, sometimes we have to wait up to a week to get approval before proceeding and there was many steps involved.

However, I feel blessed that I have almost everything ready.
For example, I do not need to source for reputable suppliers for the salon. It is time consuming and can be a waste of money if the supplies were not satisfactory. The salon I took over has contact with a supplier with the best price.

So this salon has its regular customers, I just had to do a bit of advertising on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The previous owner did not do so much because they had regular customers from around the neighborhood. I wish to expand our customer base to younger generations and from a wider area.

 What are the good points you learned about professional techniques in nail school?

If I did not do a professional nail course, I can only watch them when they are busy and can’t help. Being equipped with professional knowledge myself, I am able offer services to customers and to support and assist my staff when required. My staff feels at ease that as a boss, I am able to help and support them whenever required.

After you opened your salon and become a business owner, how has your life changed?

(Laughs) Stress. It was stressful.
When I was a cabin crew, it was stress free, I got to travel and was carefree.
Now, I have to think about rental, salary, how to get more customers, staff improvement etc. There is a lot to think about every day.

Being grounded as a nail salon owner now, you have more time to spend with your husband?

Yes. I have more time in Singapore and with my husband.
My husband used to have dinner alone every night previously.
Now we can go to different place to eat together every day.

So, your husband is the happiest person after you started your business?

Yes, my husband is the happiest (laughing).

How do you want to grow your salon and business?

I want to attract more customers, not just from the neighborhood. Sometimes, people are willing to travel Orchard Road etc to do nails and facial. I hope this salon will become another place that people are willing to travel to, for their nails and lash services.

Do you have any advice for people who are willing to start own business or become professional nail specialist?

Never try, never know.
Sometimes people are very scared to try something different and step out of their comfort zone.
I was also very scared to do something different, but I thought that previously as a cabin crew, it will be hard if I were to start a family. Therefore, I decide to make the switch with the support of my husband.
Try while you are still young, if it does not turn out well, try something else.  At Least Try.

 Thank you for your time and sharing with us!