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Japanese style Eyelash Extension in Singapore
日本睫毛扩展 新嘉坡      マツエクサロン シンガポール

 Peony Tokyo Volume Lash 2D~5D

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Hope to have natural looking eyelashes that is longer and fuller?
Get a soft, long lasting and safe eyelash extension with our certified eyelist today!






We use safe & high quality glue and Sable* extension and imported from Japan.
Certified eyelash specialist  treat your lashes one by one.

*Sable lashes are the softest and lightest compare to mink and silk.
Natural looking and also very gentle for your natural lashes.

   volume single mix unlimited C

How To Choose an Eyelash Extension Salon that is Safe and Good


Peony Tokyo Eyelash Extension

♥Our certified eyelash specialist apply lashes individually, using fine tweezers, carefully applying only one extension lash on one natural lash each time. Applying two or more extensions on one natural lash can cause dropping of your natural lash because of the extension lash weight. Also, if more than one natural lash is sticked together with extension, it might cause pain because every lash grows at different speed.

♥Eyelash extension should be applied 1.5mm above the root of your natural lash. If applied too far from the root, extension will be messy when lashes grow. If applied too close, eyes will feel pain when glue vaporizes. Our eyelist do not apply extension on new born and thin lashes, as these lashes cannot withstand extension lash weight and may cause natural lashes to drop.

♥Our eyelash specialist will conduct a consultation before extension session to understand your eyelash condition, allergy and preferred design.

♥Peony Tokyo Eyelash Salon sanitation control practices conform to strict sanitation control according to guidelines issued by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

♥♥For Best Results;Processed with Snapseed.

  1. Come for eyelash extension session without any eye makup (i.e no mascara and eyeliner)
  2. Avoid water for 6 hours after eyelash extension session; glue takes 24 hours to dry completely
  3. Apply lash coating serum to help eyelash extension last longer
  4. Avoid oil based cleanser

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