Nail Salon

ネイルサロン シンガポール
Japanese Nail Salon in Singapore




♥Gel Nail with unlimited Art   $110   (1st Visit $80)
ジェルネイルアート $110 (初回$80)



♥Classic Pedicure / Spa Pedicure
クラシックペディキュア / スパペディキュア
-We use disposable foot files and toe separator for every customer.
-Finish your feet care with our selected High Quality polishes which are loved by many celebrities and models all over the world.







Vegan  and formulated without DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

Pioneer brand of natural nail care.

Made in Japan polish. Toluene, DBP free.


Price List 

For appointment, call /SMS / WhatsApp  82238706

103 Penang road #01-05 visioncrest commercial
☻ 4 min walk from NEL Dhoby Ghaut station

*MRTドビーゴート駅 出口Bより徒歩1分 イスタナパーク裏

How do we ensure we can offer top-quality nails and the ultimate in relaxation?

Strict sanitation control

At Peony Tokyo Nail & Eyelash  Salon, our sanitation control practices conform to the Guidelines for Sanitation Control at Nail Salons issued by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. For example:

-Our staff disinfect their hands and fingers thoroughly before starting work on a customers’ nails.

-All instruments are sterilized using a hypochlorous acid solution, alcohol, or an ultraviolet disinfection device.

-All towels are cleaned and disinfected.

In addition, we use disposable foot files and toe separator for every customer.

Only the best quality products    we use only carefully selected, top-quality products in all the services we offer.
OPI, Jessica,  SpaRitual, and  Made in Japan products; Tins, Gelgraph.

We use Swarovski crystals (other brands may be used for some designs)

We use glitter made in Japan and designed exclusively for use on nails. We do not use any glitter not designed especially for nails

Customer files

We keep personal files for each and every customer. This enables us to tailor our service to suit each individual’s taste and lifestyle. What’s more, in the very rare case of an allergic reaction, the records help us identify the cause.




  • 施術前のスタッフの手指消毒の徹底
  • 器具類は次亜塩素酸またはアルコール、紫外線消毒器による消毒を行っております。
  • タオル類は除菌洗浄をしております。

加えて独自の衛生管理手段として、以下はお客様ごとに新しい物を使用しております。 ★フットファイル★トゥセパレーター


全てのサービスにおいて、厳選された高品質な製品を使用しております。 OPI、ジェシカ、SpaRitual、スワロフスキー(ストーン) Tins、ジェルグラフ

♥皆様に安心して施術を受けていただくために、ジェルは1週間無料保障しております。 施術から1週間以内にはがれたり浮いてきた場合で保証期間内にご連絡をいただいた場合は無料でお直しをさせていただきます。(ポリッシュは対象外です)







CERTIFIED SALON_nailOpen 10am-8pm  (Sun -7pm)   Closed on every Tuesday Open on Public Holiday



Japanese Nail ・ Eyelash Extension salon & Nail school in Singapore