Apres Gel X Seminar




🌼Apres Gel X Seminar
by Yuri sensei
What is Apres Gel X?
🌟It is the latest method of gel extensions where it is a 100% soak off gel extensions!
👌Time saving and perfect for salon work or even doing it for yourself!
🌟Get in the trend with our new gel extensions with Yuri Sensei!
🌟Learn the basics and the tips to a fuss free + long lasting gel extensions!
🌸What you will learn:
●How to choose the correct sizing tips
●How to Prep your nails to be ready for the extensions
●How to apply the Gel X to your natural nails
●How to do removal the safe way
🌷This course is applicable to Professionals & Experience Gel Users as we will not be teaching you the basics of gel application anymore.
🌷E-filing experience is also preferred as we will be showing you how to prep the Gel X with the drill bit for a fast + fuss free application.
🌸Date: 31 July 2021
🌸Timing for the classes:
🍏Nail Machine Seminar: 10am to 12am
🍎Apres Gel X: 1pm to 4pm
For students who will be skipping the nail machine seminar, you will just need to be here at 1pm
⭐️Course fee
🍏Nail Machine Seminar:
✨With PETITOR nail machine from Japan $260 + Free 9 bits
✨Without nail machine(bring your own nail machine) $118 + Free diamond bit
🍎Apres Gel X:
$388 Apres kit is included
🍏🍎sign up for Nail Machine Seminar & Apres Gel X class and enjoy $50 OFF the Gel X class!
👭Friends discount
Sign up with your friend
And enjoy $20 OFF nail machine seminar and $30 OFF Apres gel X seminar
⭐️What is included in your Kit?
3)Extend Gel (15ml)
4)Extension Tips
5)Mini UV Light
⭐️What to bring:
Nail Machine
Base Gel
Top Gel
UV Lamp
Gel remover
Cotton pads
kitchen paper
Cuticle Pusher
Sponge buffer, nail files
Please join lesson without gel or acrylic on your nails.
Registration closing on 15th July 2021
For booking / enqury, WhatsApp 91168356