Japan EarthQuake Relief

The Earthquake disaster in Tohoku Japan has wreaked havoc and claimed many victims. We offer our most sincere prayers that as many victims can be saved as possible, and that the restoration can be completed as soon as possible,

Here at Peony Tokyo Nail Salon, we had started our Spring Sakura, Cherry Blossoms Promotion from the 1st of March 2011. Sakura is not only one of Japan’s national flower, it is also the flower that’s most representative of Japan.

Hence, in participation, and presenting our hope that Japan will recover quickly, we will be donating all proceeds from customers in Singapore who requests for Spring Sakura Promotion-Sakura-motif arts to the Japan Red Cross.

 Sakura Promotion

* Daytime Sakura
Glitter Gradation + Sakura motif & Swalovski Stones  -Soak off Gel    $98 (U.P. $130)

* Yozakura ( Sakura at Night)
French+Glitter Line +  Sakura motif  & Swalovski Stones -Soak off Gel   $110 (U.P. $145)

* One Colour Polish+ Sakura motif  $55

OPEN  10am-8pm
                    (last appointment  7pm)
CLOSE    Every Tuesday
By Appointment Only
tel / SMS   81155327
1 minute from MRT Somerset Station