Q: What are the courses available in Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Academy?

A: We offer a full range of Japanese Curriculum nail courses to cater to your purpose of learning nails professionally. We offer courses from DIY Gel Nail Basics, Professional Mono-Technique to Double Certificate Master Professional Total courses. We frequently organise nail art workshops and hygiene seminars to offer our students comprehensive and continual education.

Whether you are learning to do your own nails out of interest, hoping to work in a nail salon, an existing nail specialist looking to refresh/upgrade your skills or to start your own nail business, our course consultants will be able to recommend a suitable course for you.

Contact us at 8115 5327 to arrange for a free course consultation!

Q: How much are the nail courses?

A:  Depending on your selected course, course fee varies. Professional Total courses range from $1580 to $4,200. Mono- technique & DIY course range $80 to $860.

Q: Can I pay by instalment?

A: Yes, you can pay by instalments. Please enquire with us for more information.

Q: How long are the nail courses?

A:   Depending on your selected course, duration varies. Professional Total courses range from 30 hours to 110 hours. Mono- technique & DIY course range from 1.5 hours to 20 hours.

Q: How fast can I complete the course?

A: We have a free attending and flexible lesson schedule where students choose to take lessons when they are available. Our students love this flexibility! Classes are conducted more than 20 hours per week. Depending on your selected course and learning schedule, you can complete our longest professional course, JANEA Double Certificate Master Course (110 Hours) in 6 weeks!

Click here for class schedule.

 Q: What happens if I cannot attend lessons for 2 weeks?

A: Good News! Nothing will happen as we offer free attending and flexible lesson schedule. Also, we keep individual progress record of every student, so you will never miss a lesson! Every lesson you attend will start from where you stopped previously, so there is ZERO INTERRUPTION to your learning. Our students love this as they are able to learn at their own pace and schedule.

Q: Can I take a course if I am working full time, Mon to Fri?

A: Yes, you can! We offer evening and weekend classes, please click here for class schedule.

Q: How many students are there in a class?

A: We believe students will learn and benefit the most from small class size as our Sensei-Teacher can observe closely and advise promptly on each student during lesson. There will be a maximum of only 6 students per class.

Q: Do you provide materials for lessons?

A: Yes, we will provide you with all the materials you require for our curriculum. Professional, salon quality learning materials given to you at your first lesson to ensure you can learn professional and practical skills effectively. This way, you do not need to spend money buying another set of professional kit upon completion of our courses.

*UV lamps for gel courses are not included in the kit but you can use our academy’s UV lamp during lessons.

Q: When can I start learning?

A: You can book a lesson immediately after registration and payment, credits to our flexible lesson curriculum! Click here for class schedule.



A: 大丈夫です。 初めての方がほとんどですのでお気軽にご参加ください。

Q: UVランプは購入できますか?
A: 世界どこでも使用できるサンシャインベビーブランドと、ノンブランドの物の2種類ご用意しております。



Q: 教材は何が含まれますか?

<ビギナー初級キット>  ベースジェル、ハードジェル(ソークオフタイプ)、カラージェル3色(30秒完全硬化)、グリッター、ブラシ2種(フラット、フレンチ)、ファイル2種、ジェルクリーナー、ジェルリムーバー、ホログラム、ネイルプレップ、キューティクルオイル、ペーパーパレット、サンシャインベビー会員証(会員価格で製品が購入できます)

A: もちろん受講していただけます。お申し込み時にお知らせください。


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