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Academy: Japanese Eyelash Extension 3Days Lesson *for beginner

Academy 7th Anniversary Celebration Course !!
★★Japanese Eyelash Extension 3 days Course in Singapore★★

●You can learn Japanese Eyelash Extension from basic
●No need to bring your model
●Salon quality materials included
●Certificates will be issued

??What is the safe and proper way of eyelash extenison?
??How to apply the eyelash exension in Japan?
??How to choose “right” material?

Japanese top instructor Chiharu Sakurai will teach you professional eyelash extension techniques step by step in small class

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Lesson is in English and Chinese

◆Weekend Course
Sat 4th Nov
Sun 5th Nov
Mon 6th Nov
Registration closing date Fri 20th Oct

◆Weekdays Course
Tue 5th Dec
Wed 6th Dec
Fri 8th Dec
*7th Dec is self practice day
Registration closing date 27th Nov

Time 10am – 6pm
Fee $980 ( material included)

*Limited 8 seats

For registration / enquiry,
SMS 91168356

Salon: Eyelash Extension Promo★Unlimited $100 only!

★Eyelash Extension Promotion★
Single lashes unlimited (90min) $100 !!! (up $160)
for 1st time visit customer !

-Can choose curl, design and length
-Eyelash extension by Eyelash specialist from Japan.
-We use high quality sable* lash
*softer and lighter than “mink” and “silk”

For appointment, SMS 82238706
103 Penang road #01-05 visioncrest commercial
☻ 4 min walk from NEL Dhoby Ghaut station
*MRTドビーゴート駅 出口Bより徒歩2分 イスタナパーク裏

3D Volume Lash $120 Promotion

★★Peony Tokyo’s Volume Lash Promotion★★

for 1st time visit customer

★Volume lash 3D 300 lashes $120 (Usual Price $160)
ボリュームラッシュ 3D 300本(100束) $120

Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and you can get fuller look. That is a Dream lash!!

About Volume Lash

Valid Till 16 Dec 2016

For appointment,
Tel / SMS 82238706 日本語可
103 Penang Road #01-05 Visioncrest Commercial
4 min walk from Dhoby Ghaut NEL Station



EXTENDED! Eyelash Extension Promo $60 & $100

Eyelash Extension Promotion   まつ毛エクステンションプロモーション

Processed with Snapseed.

★Single lash 80  $60   (Usual Price $80) *1
シングルラッシュ80本  $60

★Volume lash 2D 200 lashes  $100  (Usual Price $140) *2
ボリュームラッシュ 2D200本(100束) $100
*1 ….. for 1st time visit customer
*2 ……for all customer

Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and you can get fuller look. That is a Dream lash!!

What is Volume lash

Please inform which service would you like upon making appointment
EXTENDED! Valid Till 15 Nov 2016

For appointment,

call / SMS 82238706 Last appointment 7pm (6pm on Sunday)


Eyelash Extension New Syllabus starts!!

For more effecient and practical learning, we start new syllabus for Professional Eyelash Extension course.

Learn safe and high quality Japanese Eyelash Extension from JANEA (Japan- Asia Nails & Eyelash Academy) certified instructor & official judge in Singapore!

We have variety of courses from Step by Step Course to Double Certificate Master course which covers to advanced level and JANEA certificate as well.

★Course available in English, Chinese and Japanese.

★Safe and high quality materials

★Mobile lesson available for your salon staff

Next Begginer Class

Thursday 17 Nov  10am-5pm
Thursday 14   Dec  10am-5pm

Click here for course detail


Peony Tokyo’s Volume lash

New lash technology which is hot in Japan
*Defferent from  “cluster lashes”

Feather-light volume extensions add length and volume without any burden on natural lash!
Available 2D~5D in Peony Tokyo   %e3%83%9c%e3%83%aa%e3%83%a5%e3%83%bc%e3%83%a0%ef%bc%92d%ef%bc%95d%e6%af%94%e8%bc%83


About Volume lash
Use significantly thinner lash than single lash extension.
★Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and you can get fuller look.
★Perfect for customer who don’t have a lot of lashes, have sparse lashes, bald spots or just want a more dramatic look without having to use a thicker lash.
★Not like “cluster” lashes where a chunk of lashes are glued to a bunch of your natural lashes.
*We don’t reccomend Cluster lashes because it is bad for your natural lash and will cause permanent damage.






Single lash        
single lash




  Volume lash
linecamera_share_2016-09-22-15-29-49     linecamera_share_2016-09-22-15-27-12

Volume – Natural 100 Lashes
2D ~200 (1h 15 mins) ……………….…. $140
3D ~300   (1h 45 mins) …………………. $160
4D ~400 (2h) ………………………………. $190
5D ~500 (2h 30 mins) ……………….…. $230

Volume – Unlimited Lashes
2D ~360   (2h) ………………………………. $180
3D ~540   (2h 30 mins) …………………. $220
4D ~720 (2h 45 mins) …………….……. $260

★Volume Lash Touch up Discounts★
0% OFF within 3 weeks
10% OFF within 4 weeks

For appointment,

call / SMS 82238706 Last appointment 7pm (6pm on Sunday)

Eyelash Extension $60 Promo






★$60 for EYELAH EXTENSION Special Promotion!★

$60 for Japanese Eyelash Extension (80 lashes)

by certified Japanese eyelash designer

This promotion is applicable for ALL customers!!  (member and new customer)

natural look / cute look are available!

till 29 August

*Can’t use package

Peony Tokyo Nails & Eyelash Salon
4 min walk from Dhoby Ghaut Station

For appointment, Tel / SMS 82238706 日本語可