September Schedule – Eyelash Extensions





Dear students and interested new sign ups,

Here is the lesson schedule for September 2019.  Please text us for booking!

Lesson schedule for September 2019

Theory Class (3 Hours)
if prefer other days, please whatsapp us

14 August (Wed) 10am-1pm

📌Practical Lesson
⏳Lesson Duration

👉Mannequin Practice (3 Hours)
👉Model Practice (Bring your own model)

🌻Beginner (3 Hours)
🌻Intermediate (6 Hours or 3 Hours x 2 lessons)
🌻Advanced (4 hours × 2 lessons)

5 September (Thurs) 2pm-5pm
12 September (Thurs) 10am-1pm
19 September (Thurs) 2pm-5pm
22 September (Sun) 3pm-7pm

Volume Lash Class
22 September (Sun) 3pm-7pm

JANEA Schedule – September 2019

3rd Grade Exam Preparation
For students taking 3rd grade exam

17 September (Tues)

🎒3rd Grade Examination (Mannequin)

20 September (Fri)  3pm-5pm
28 September (Sat) 10am-12pm

2nd grade exam preparation
* For students who will take 2nd grade exam, Please book from practical lesson slots

🎒2nd grade  Examination (Model required)

28 September (Sat) 10am-12pm

*Scheduled classes will be cancelled if there is no booking done by one week prior to the classes.
*Cancellation and change of lessons and examinations— Please inform us at least 3 days before lesson or exam date.

*Interested new sign ups,/existing students, please whatsapp us @ 91168356!